Almost Home in Danger


Almost Home started as a foster based rescue back in 2007. After a few years we were able to rent a very small space where we could only keep a few dogs but our cats had to be located off site. In November, 2017, due to our landlord not renewing our lease, we were forced to find a location that would allow us to have an in-house free roam cattery and be able to take in many more dogs.

With so many positives came some negatives. Our intake and adoptions have increased tremendously but so has our rent and expenses. More dogs and cats means more vet bills. Our vet bills can be up to $6,000 a month alone.

We are a not for profit rescue and rely on donations to survive. Unfortunately, right now we are barley surviving. Lately we took in a few dogs with medical needs such as Dixon, who was rescued through our Training Wheels outreach program. He suffered from a torn cruciate ligament and required surgery to repair it. Thankfully it went well and he is waiting for his forever home. Bruno was rescued from the NYC animal control center . Our vet noticed his spleen was enlarged and he was diagnosed with chronic Lymes. Duma was rescued from a high kill shelter down south. He came to us heart worm positive and blind in one eye. We have 3 other dogs besides Duma that need heartworm treatment. Sadly kitten season has started and we are taking in multiple liters of kittens. Many have eye infections, upper respiratory infections, and require intensive medical care. Once healthy they need to be tested for FIV/FeLv, vaccinated, dewormed and spayed and neutered. We already have 27 kittens and it is only mid May. The calls we receive everyday to take kittens is overwhelming.

Pups like Winnie. He is only 14 weeks old, sadly bred between an English Bulldog/French Bulldog, both of which have many congenital defected. When the “breeder” noticed he was unable to use his back legs he was going to put him to sleep. Lucky for Winnie a good Samaritan stepped in and took him from this “breeder”. He reached out to Almost Home for help. Having a paralyzed pup is a lot of work. We immediately had him taken to our vet and he was diagnosed with two very had knees, which our veterinarian could repair but he would never be able to walk due to his spinal deformity. A wheelcart was ordered by Almost Home and we are helping this wonderful foster family find Winnie’s his forever home. These are the type of special things that Almost Home does.

We need your help. We are not a rescue constantly asking for donations but right now it’s truly needed. We recently put out a contest to see pictures of all the dogs and cats adopted from Almost Home. We want to continue helping bring dogs and cats in from unfortunate circumstances and to be able to see them in their forever homes, happy, loved and safe.